Pacific Science Center
Seattle, WA

The inspiration for Flock is my visceral response to groups of birds turning in unison. Two hundred choreographed flaps fill the space with a mysterious motion that travels from one end of the space to the other, as if induced by an intelligent breeze. This motion is enhanced by the faintly audible rustling of the tracing paper panels.

I am both fascinated and repelled by the idea of controlling so many individual objects, making them move according to my will. It seems somehow futile to even attempt such control, yet the paper flaps yield to this control and have done so without fail since 1995.

Flock is a kinetic environmental sculpture designed for the barrel-vaulted space at the Henry Art Museum in Seattle. Shown installed at Henry Art Gallery. Purchased by Pacific Science Center, Seattle, Washington, in 1995 for permanent display. Aluminum, paper, wood, digital electronics, step rotation motors. 33' long x 5' wide x 16' high.